Open-Innovation-Platform: Your customer as development partner

With our Open Innovation Platform, we support you in involving customers and experts in every phase of the innovation process: From the development and evaluation of ideas, to the condensation to concepts and online concept tests. Innolytics® Open Innovation Platform helps you and your innovation teams to consistently focus on tomorrow’s customer needs and significantly increase the success rate of new products and offerings. The technology we have developed makes different approaches possible: From idea competitions with customers and employees, to internal innovation platforms, to the development of open innovation initiatives.

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open innovation whitepaper

Open Innovation Platform: Cases


ISPO Open Innovation Platform

Since 1 September 2016 Innolytics AG has been an official partner of ISPO Munich, the leading international trade fair for sports. On the Open Innovation Platform, more than 25,000 users develop products and services together with companies in the sports sector.

S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland: Innovation with customers

To improve the service, S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland is working with an open innovation platform from Innolytics AG. Together with Innolytics AG, the campaign themes were designed, customer contact was planned, and the platform was successfully set up.

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Innolytics® Open Innovation Platform: The Innovation Process

From the selection of campaign participants to the development of initial ideas and a multi-stage rating process to the consolidation of concepts and qualitative acceptance tests. The Innolytics® Open Innovation Platform supports your innovation process in all creative phases.

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