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Empower the world to innovate. This is our mission. Innolytics® is the leading free innovation software and innovation management software available worldwide. 

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Up to 15 users can access the basic version permanently free of charge. In the Premium Edition and Enterprise Edition an unlimited number of users can be added. You benefit from highly attractive features such as trend analysis, customer needs analysis, technology management, knowledge management, open innovation and much more.

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Idea & innovation

Launch your ideation and innovation project right away! Gain speed in implementation.

Best In class Innovation

Benefit from a worldwide-proven approach. Manage innovation professionally!

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Turn your company into an innovation engine. Create the future!

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Leverage the creativity of the brightest minds in your organization.

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Boost innovation through stunning idea contests and competitions.

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Innovation becomes mobile: Whether desktop, tablet or smartphone, Innolytics® adapts to your needs.

Innovation Management Software
At a glance

  • Cloud-based with server location in Germany. Scalable from 5 to 500,000 users

  • For desktop and mobile use: Apps for Apple iOS and Google Android

  • Multilingual for companies with international locations

  • Innovative features such as integrated video streaming, easy customization, and integrated survey software for concept and acceptance testing.

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Employee Ideas Value Calculator

Find out how much your company saves each year through idea management!

Without additional activities, the average number of employee ideas in the company is 0.75 ideas per person per year

Up to $1,000 average value per idea is an average result that almost all companies achieve.

Companies achieve an average implementation rate of 24%.

Number of employee
ideas per year.
Annual savings through
employee ideas.

Pricing plan
Simple. Clear. Fair.


  • 6 months free trial for up to 15 users with limited features and personal introductory webinar
  • Setup in less than 60 seconds, introduction via Innovation Academy and FAQ


starting at$395,-
monthly + setup
  • Process manager, roles, evaluation criteria, value calculator, reward system, blog, campaigns
  • Use of additional modules: Idea management, knowledge management, quality management, etc.
  • Individual set-up with support, customization to company structures and CI
  • In-person webinars, administrator training, key user training
  • Multi-language support (currently DE, FR, ES, IT, PL, CHIN)

Enterprise Plus

starting at$695,-
monthly + setup
  • Including all Enterprise features
  • Use of the software module Surveys for analyses of the culture of ideas and innovation, employee feedback on the continuous improvement process, surveys on opportunities for improvement and optimization, etc.
  • E-learning module with online courses on CIP, problem-solving techniques and the implementation of ideas. Create and edit your own interactive online courses, automatic creation of certificates.

Your first impression of the Innolytics®
Innovation Management Software

Enter and evaluate ideas and develop them into sound innovation concepts. Establish internal and external innovation networks, organise idea competitions, and open innovation campaigns. These are some of the central functions of the Innolytics® innovation management software.

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1. Enter ideas from anywhere

Wherever you are in the world: In production, at your customer’s site, at a congress. With the Innolytics® innovation management software, you can enter your ideas in just a few steps and further develop them into sound concepts. You can give ideas a status and categorise them according to progress, for example: submitted, processed, evaluated, implemented, etc.

2. Evaluating and prioritising ideas

The two-stage evaluation process of the Innolytics® innovation management software allows ideas to be evaluated by both users and a jury. You will learn how to define criteria for the evaluation, perform the evaluation, and prioritise ideas. You can sort ideas according to different criteria and thus optimally support your decision-making process.

3. Building innovation networks

You want to network your employees in the company with each other? Would you like to invite customers and experts to participate in selected projects? Would you like to use innovative approaches such as open innovation and crowdsourcing for the development of new products and digital business models? The innovative user administration of the Innolytics® innovation management software makes it possible.

Three Reasons for Innolytics®
Innovation Management Software

Easy to use. Flexible in adapting to your company. That is why our customers love Innolytics®

All-In-One Software

The only innovation management software that takes all aspects of innovation management into account.

Highly flexible and adaptable

From the temporary idea campaign to the multinational innovation platform, the software adapts quickly and easily to your needs.

Over 200 innovation projects

Developed with the experience of more than 200 innovation projects – from workshops to complex innovation projects

Case Studies

Currently, more than 250,000 users in more than 20 cities develop ideas and innovation projects with Innolytics®

Innovation Management Software
for ISPO Open Innovation

Innovation Management Software
for the insurance specalist

Innovation Management Software
for a building contractor

What our clients say

We have been able to identify important parameters for further promoting our culture of innovation and value creation at our sites. The approach convinced us.

Thomas Garbe, Director Corporate Technology - Innovation and Technology Management, Bosch Siemens Home Appliances

Innovation management software for the entire innovation process

In the past, you needed different tools to manage innovation: Survey and forum tools for analysing customer needs, a CIP software for discussing internal problems and improvement approaches, an idea and innovation platform for developing ideas, and a market research tool for acceptance tests. You want to drive innovation through crowdsourcing, co-creation and open innovation? Another new software and a new tool. That’s over! The Innolytics® Innovation Software supports you in all phases and methods of the innovation process.

innolytics innovation process path

One innovation management software – countless applications

The unique multi-platform concept turns the Innolytics® innovation management software into a Swiss Army Knife for your innovation management. A common user and platform management – including a wide variety of innovation platforms. For example:

  • Local multilingual idea management platforms for your different locations
  • Cross-divisional innovation projects for the development of digital business models
  • Open innovation software and crowdsourcing platforms for different business areas
  • Ideas competition with students of international universities

The Innolytics® innovation management software adapts to you and your challenges. Not the other way around.


What are the advantages of innovation software and innovation management software? Why do companies use them? And what distinguishes innovation management software from other software? In our FAQ you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Business innovation and continuous improvement are among the most important tasks in an enterprise. In everyday life, however, the most valuable resources of a company often flow into the day-to-day business. These are exactly the resources that are important for further development and new development. Innovation software supports companies in structuring idea managementinnovation management and digitalization as efficiently as possible: Through clearly defined and structured processes from the initial idea to successful implementation.

Software for project management or internal communication helps companies to implement projects more efficiently or to communicate better within projects. Innovation management software, on the other hand, is above all a tool that supports companies in the development and decision-making process. Innovation software and innovation management software supports companies in collaboratively collecting and filtering out the best ideas, prioritizing them and developing them into concepts. Innovation software enables companies to set up an innovation roadmap and to measure innovation. Innovation software is therefore a strategic tool with which companies can define and achieve innovation goals.

Innovation and continuous improvement in companies are often driven by internal network structures: Employees who jointly develop and implement new ideas in the various areas of the company (production, marketing, sales, etc.). The development of new products is often carried out by interdisciplinary teamwork. Disruptive innovation or the development of digital business models is often implemented by outsourcing employees to so-called innovation labs. The performance of these innovation networks can be structured in modern innovation software. Teams are given their own workspaces in which they can implement innovation and improvement and define appropriate innovation processes.

Yes, innovation management software primarily supports the level of internal networking among employees. In addition, innovation activities can be transparently presented and tracked. Both are important elements of an innovation culture. Through internal campaigns and idea competitions, the creative potential of employees is repeatedly activated, the focus on innovation and improvement is emphasized. The innovation culture and the innovation capability of a company are influenced positively by the use of innovation software and innovation management software.