Innovation audit tools: increasing innovation capacity

Managers and employees at various locations fill out a questionnaire: 45 scientifically sound questions based on the evaluation of almost 300 international studies. Through these innovation audit tools, you will receive a well-founded analysis of your innovation culture and discover which internal barriers hinder innovation projects.

Innolytics® innovation audit tools: Workshop

You want to carry out an innovation audit in your team? Do you want to develop concrete measures to implement projects beyond routine more efficiently? By measuring your ability to innovate, and with just a one-day workshop, you will lay the foundations for faster implementation of innovative projects.

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Innolytics® innovation audit tools: Leadership Conference

At the annual management conference, your executives complete a questionnaire. Your evaluation will be instantly prepared and available within minutes. Together with the Innolytics® Innovation Audit, you will develop measures to reduce internal innovation barriers and effectively support change processes.

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Innolytics® innovation audit tools: Company analysis

A complete inventory of your innovative capacity – detailed, well-founded and broken down to small units. The Innolytics® Innovation Audit tools support you in creating and customising multilingual questionnaires, comparing business units with each other, and clearly identifying the need for action at the various locations.

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Innolytics® innovation audit tools: individual analysis

Using the Innolytics® innovation audit tools, we develop an audit that matches your company or consulting approach. Whether you want to measure the compliance culture or the family friendliness in companies, or would like to provide your customers with an audit as a service offer, we will develop an instrument that supports you in all your consulting activities.

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Innolytics® innovation audit tools

Implement innovations in your company more efficiently! Our audits offer a wide range of analysis options: Learn about the innovation pressure on your different business units and product areas. Obtain a well-founded analysis of your ability to cope with this pressure to innovate. The analysis shows which levers you can use to increase your innovative strength. It allows the development of targeted measures and company-specific future strategies.

Innolytics innovation audit tools: Our approach

  • The topics and focus questions relevant to your company will be worked out in a preliminary workshop. Target groups (departments/product areas, etc.) are defined for the innovation audit.

  • Between 200 and 2,000 employees are interviewed over the course of two weeks. Different hierarchical levels receive differently formulated question sets.

  • The survey can be conducted in several languages.

  • The results are prepared for different teams and business units, after which you receive concrete recommendations for action.

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