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Next Generation Idea Management Software – Free for up to 15 Users

Turn your company into an innovation leader with groundbreaking Innolytics® idea management software. Connect your most creative minds. Enable cross-departmental collaboration on ideas and innovation.

  • Cloud based in accordance with European data protection laws. No installation required, you can start immediately.
  • Developed for the mobile age: Mobile website, apps for iOS and Android.
  • Simple and customisable design

Idea management software: Innolytics® Ideas features at a glance

  • Idea input

  • Evaluation of ideas according to own criteria

  • Idea prioritization

  • Incentive and reward system

  • Upload of pictures, videos, PDFs, etc.

  • Multi-lingual

  • Blog feature

  • Single sign-on

  • Process manager: design and adapt idea management processes

  • Role Manager: Creating Different Roles for the Administration of Ideas

  • Mailing Automation: Automation of routine tasks (user reminders, escalation, etc.)

  • Smart Search / duplicate check, supported by artificial intelligence

  • Comprehensive statistics and reporting functions

  • Selective publication of ideas (e.g. within departments)

  • Quick Polls: Surveys among users

  • Ready for immediate use (web-based)

  • Cross-platform (desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc.)

  • Usable for CIP, BVW and innovation management

  • Maximum data security

  • Free updates forever

  • Available for iOS/ Android

  • 10 to 10 million users (easy scalability)

Idea management software in use

Innolytics idea management software submitting ideas

Enter ideas from anywhere

The Innolytics® idea management software let’s you work on your ideas no matter where you are. For example, you attend a trade fair. You are encountering a new industry trend. Take a picture or video, add a description and upload it. Discuss and evaluate business trends. Spread knowledge throughout your company faster than ever bevor.

Innolytics idea management software - turn problems into ideas

Turning customer problems into ideas

Your customer has problems with one of your products. Ask for a short smartphone video. Upload, comment, and discuss with the help of the idea management software. Simply optimise the next day. Innovation is that fast.

Innolytics idea management software - better communication

Accelerate cross-departmental collaboration

Your sales department picks up valuable information visiting the customer. By using the Innolytics idea management software, you can easily capture these insights and share them with others. Let creativity and innovation thrive throughout your company.

Employee Ideas Value Calculator

Find out how much your company saves each year through idea management!

Without additional activities, the average number of employee ideas in the company is 0.75 ideas per person per year

Up to $1,000 average value per idea is an average result that almost all companies achieve.

Companies achieve an average implementation rate of 24%.

Number of employee
ideas per year.
Annual savings through
employee ideas.

Pricing plan
Simple. Clear. Fair.


  • 6 months free trial for up to 15 users with limited features and personal introductory webinar
  • Setup in less than 60 seconds, introduction via Innovation Academy and FAQ


starting at$395,-
monthly + setup
  • Process manager, roles, evaluation criteria, value calculator, reward system, blog, campaigns
  • Use of additional modules: Knowledge management, risk management, complaint management, etc.
  • Individual set-up with support, customization to company structures and CI
  • In-person webinars, administrator training, key user training
  • Multi-language support (currently DE, FR, ES, IT, PL, CHIN)

Enterprise Plus

starting at$695,-
monthly + setup
  • Including all Enterprise features
  • Use of the software module Surveys for analyses of the culture of ideas and innovation, employee feedback on the continuous improvement process, surveys on opportunities for improvement and optimization, etc.
  • E-learning module with online courses on CIP, problem-solving techniques and the implementation of ideas. Create and edit your own interactive online courses, automatic creation of certificates.

Case Studies

Innolytics® Idea management software in numbers

Happy users
Idea management platforms in use
diverse industries
  • More employee ideas

  • Fast feedback

  • More efficiency

Grown from experience

Our idea management software is developed by innovation experts

Grown from experience

Innolytics® has been supporting companies in the development and management of ideas for more than 10 years. This practical experience guarantees optimal usability of the idea management software.

For big and small

The idea management software for teams, medium-sized and large companies

For big and small

Innolytics® IDEAS idea management software is uniquely flexible in its use thanks to easy-to-fit templates and functions. Without being cumbersome or highly complex.

Not for nerds

Innolytics IDEAS is not just for convinced digitalists and qualified computer technicians

Not for nerds

The Innolytics® IDEAS idea management software is so simple that you rarely have to involve your IT department. Not even for the initial setup.

Questions about the free version, premium version and enterprise version of the Innolytics® idea management software

The illustration shows a symbol that visually depicts a crowd and a question mark. It's the symbol for a group of people asking themselves if this is the right idea management software for them.How can I start to build an idea management process in the best possible way?

Establishing idea management and innovation management in business has never been so easy. You can start directly with creating your free version of the Innolytics® Idea Management Software.

  • Click on the link “START NOW!“. Follow the instructions.
  • Our Online Learning Center will introduce you to the software.
  • Invite colleagues to join you. Start directly to enter, discuss, and evaluate new ideas.

This way, you will get to know the idea management software quickly and easily. You can unlock the features of the Premium and Enterprise versions at any time later.

idea-management-software-faq5Is this the right idea and innovation software for me and my company?

The Innolytics® idea management software is fast and easily scalable.

  • If you work in a small business, you can easily upgrade to the functions of the premium version.
  • If you operate in a medium-sized company or a corporate group, you can start small and scale the software at any time by choosing the Enterprise Edition. Even worldwide.

The Innolytics idea management software is currently available in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, and Chinese. Additional languages can be added easily.

The illustration shows a symbol that visually depicts the installation of idea management software in the company. Do I need to install the idea management software?

No. Innolytics® Ideas is an idea management software that is wholly cloud-based. This ensures the highest possible performance and availability. The Innolytics® idea management software is installed on a server network, the workload of the web servers and the handling of larger files (e. g. videos) is handled by the German services of Microsoft and Amazon Webservices. All data is stored in Germany. German or European data protection law applies. Your advantage: You and your team can start the test immediately. For internal agreements, we provide you with technical documentation which also provides information on data security measures.

The illustration shows a symbol that visually depicts analyzing a contract for the use of idea management software.What obligations do I have when using the free version of the idea management software?

None. With Innolytics®, you have a partner at hand who is interested in ensuring that you successfully integrate and utilize the idea management software in your company. We know from our many years of experience in idea and innovation management: Software alone does not generate ideas.

That’s why the Innolytics® idea management software is more than just a tool. In our Innovation Academy, which is part of the software, we train you and your team to use this tool efficiently to achieve concrete results. Our goal is not merely to offer you an idea management software, but to make your idea management even more successful together with you.

The illustration shows a symbol that visually depicts the use of idea management software in the company. What else can the idea management software from Innolytics® do?

Many of our customers also use the idea management software for other purposes:

  • For example, Innolytics® idea innovation software is used as an internal communication channel to communicate news and project statuses within teams, departments and companies, much like the News Feed of a social network.

  • Other customers use the blog function to introduce an internal knowledge management system. Employees use blog posts and internal videos to show how they master situations from their everyday lives. For example, you can make a special booking in the cash register, maintain a device or conduct sales calls. The possibility to record, upload, keyword and write short text explanations via the mobile website and the apps of Innolytics® Ideas videos is especially helpful here.

  • The user administration of the Innolytics® idea management software is used by some of our customers as a kind of internal employee directory. We have designed Innolytics® Ideas in such a way that you can use the tool in the best possible and most flexible way for you. We would be pleased to inform you about this in a personal conversation.

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Innolytics® Ideas draws on the experience of more than 200 innovation projects and over 6 years of scientific research.

Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer, Founder, Innolytics AG