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CI-Software: Optimal support for your continuous improvement process

The Innolytics® continuous improvement software helps you to bring your continuous improvement process into the digital age. Discuss problems, document continuous improvement process workshops, develop and evaluate solutions.

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How Innolytics® continuous improvement software Supports teams

Enter problems directly and instantly

Exact problem descriptions are the basis for an efficient and continuous improvement process. With the Innolytics® continuous improvement software, you can document problems via your PC, tablet or smartphone. To describe them more efficiently, you can use photos and even videos for that extra precision.

Developing proposals for solutions online

Enter suggestions for problem solutions, discuss them in a team and evaluate them according to different criteria. Innolytics® continuous improvement software enables you to complement solution ideas with images, videos, and files.

Online documentation of your continuous improvement process workshops

With your team you will work out problem descriptions and first solution ideas in the workshop. With the Innolytics® continuous improvement software, you can document the results more efficiently than ever before. Even by smartphone or tablet. Specify, discuss and evaluate the results online.

Get to know the most important functions of the Innolytics® continuous improvement software now!

Find out how quickly and easily you can enter suggestions for improvement, how ideas can be turned into sound concepts, and how you can evaluate them. Learn how to network your CIP teams and create profiles. You will get to know the complete functions in your free and full 30-day test.

1. Enter suggestions for improvement

It’s that simple: whether in a workshop, in production, or on the way to work. Whenever your employees have ideas for the continuous improvement process, you can enter them. Via PC, your tablet and smartphone.

Innolytics Software Insert Ideas

2. Evaluate suggestions

Get to know the evaluation and prioritisation system of the Innolytics® continuous improvement software! Find out how you can set up criteria for the evaluation and carry out structured assessment processes. You can have suggestions evaluated by all platform users and CPV experts. The prioritisation functions allow you to quickly and easily filter out the best ideas that your CIP team can feasibly implement.

Innolytics Software Evaluation

3. User administration

Your teams are distributed at different locations? Do you have different managers or working groups for topics such as product quality, process quality or service quality? The Innolytics® continuous improvement software user administration makes it possible to create profiles, set up user groups, and network your teams in a continuous improvement process.

Innolytics Software Backend

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Continuous improvement software: Features at a glance

  • Structured process: problem input, problem discussion, problem evaluation

  • Submission, discussion and evaluation of proposed solutions

  • Evaluation of solution ideas according to different criteria

  • Prioritisation of elaborated proposals

  • Incentive and reward system

  • Upload of pictures, videos, PDFs, etc.

  • Multi-lingual

  • blog feature

  • Single sign-on

  • Ready for immediate use (web-based)

  • Cross-platform (desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc.)

  • Highly flexible: Usable for Idea Management, Innovation Management and Open Innovation

  • Maximum data security

  • Free updates forever

  • Available for iOS/ Android

  • 10 to 10million users (easy scalability)


Continuous improvement software in figures

Happy users
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  • More employee ideas

  • Quick and well-founded feedback

  • More efficiency in the continuous improvement process

The software for your continuous improvement process. Inform yourself now!

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The Innolytics® continuous improvement software is based on more than 200 practical projects and over 6 years of scientific research.

Dr. Jens-Uwe Meyer, Founder, Innolytics GmbH<sup>®</sup>