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2409, 2019

Key Success Factors for Digital Transformation

By |24. September 2019|Categories: Digitization|

Key Success Factors for Digital Transformation Digital Disruption and Digital Transformation are changing markets and businesses like never before. Currently, the discussion about digitalization and digital innovation is entering [...]

506, 2019

Five success factors for the continuous improvement process

By |5. June 2019|Categories: Idea Management|

Five success factors for the continuous improvement process The continuous improvement process is the driver of quality, efficiency and organizational innovation. Facilitated by the continuous improvement manager and the [...]

1005, 2019

How continuous improvement drives digitalization

By |10. May 2019|Categories: Digitization|

How Continuous Improvement drives digitalization The continuous improvement process CIP is the engine of process innovation and organizational innovation. Traditionally realized by improvement processes or the idea management continuous [...]

305, 2019

Company examples for successful idea management

By |3. May 2019|Categories: Idea Management|

Idea management: Success stories from companies What do you associate with the term idea management and continuous improvement? A slightly rusty idea mailbox, which stands somewhere in a production hall and which employees [...]

2711, 2018

Hidden obstacles for innovation

By |27. November 2018|Categories: Innovation Management|

Hidden obstacles for innovation: Invisible barriers within the innovation process The innovation process seems to be organized perfectly: Structures, responsible people and functional interfaces are set. Innovation management should function perfectly [...]

1209, 2018

Five Success Factors for innovative companies

By |12. September 2018|Categories: Innovation Management|

Five success factors of highly innovative companies When implementing innovations, companies often ask themselves this question: What is more important? Is it the innovation process or the innovation culture of a [...]

3007, 2018

Innovation management Process Domo Chemicals

By |30. July 2018|Categories: Innovation Management|

Innovation management process at DOMO Chemicals - understanding as an elementary part of the creative process In this article you will learn about the innovation management process of DOMO-Chemicals, an international manufacturer [...]

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