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Our mission: Give small and medium enterprises worldwide access to an affordable first-class innovation management tool. Identify opportunities at an early stage. Initiate and implement innovation projects faster. Grow your business by disrupting markets. Innolytics® provides SMEs with groundbreaking ideation and innovation management software.

Innolytics Ideen und Innovationsmanagement SoftwareDiscover new opportunities for growth and success!

Explore customer’s hidden needs by applying state-of-the-art innovation methodology: open innovation, crowdsourcing and co-creation

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Ingeniously simple. Simply ingenious. Innovation management software for the digital age. Multilingual. Highly flexible.

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Innolytics Ideas – idea management software and CI-Software, software that you will love. Find out how to win employee ideas and boost engagement.

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We support you regarding all aspects of the implementation of our software: through the scientifically based innolytics® audit and consulting on how to design your idea management and innovation management system.

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implementing employee ideas.

Discover your powerful engagement tool for creating and implementing ideas. Build up sustainable innovation communities. Boost your continuous improvement process and innovation management by facilitating high quality ideas.

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The development of the Innolytics® software was co-financed by the European Union and the Free State of Saxony.

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Current Projects

Innovationsmanagement-Software Domo Chemicals

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Multilingual ideas and innovation platform

DOMO Chemicals is a global player in the field of polyamide 6 intermediates and produces specialty chemicals and plastics at several sites worldwide: Leuna and Premnitz in Germany, Buford in the USA, Arco and Cesano Maderno in Italy and Jiaxing City in China. DOMO Chemicals focuses on the consistent expansion of innovation management and has created a joint exchange platform for innovation management at all sites. DOMO Chemicals relies on software from Innolytics GmbH to initiate innovation processes and advance existing projects.

Strenger Group Ideas and Innovation Platform

Strenger Group belongs to the leading building and construction companies in Southern Germany. The top management implemented the Innolytics® ideas and innovation software to link employees and boost engagement. More than 300 employees enter and discuss ideas on how to improve processes and customer services.

idea management software Strenger Gruppe

LV1871 idea management software

LV1871 innovation management platform

Due to digitization the insurance market is facing major changes. The current business model is challenged by innovative start-ups. LV1871 has been a highly succesful player in the market for decades. The management decided to implement the Innolytics® innovation management software in order to rethink the product and services portfolio and to develop highly innovative digital services.

ISPO Open Innovation Platform

ISPO is the leading B2B fair in the sports industry. With its technology and expertise, Innolytics GmbH supports ISPO in the development of disruptive business models for the trade fair industry: The platform brings together several tens of thousands of consumer experts and leading brands in the sports sector.


ISPO Open Innovation innovation management software

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DB Regio - Innolytics Idea management software

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Customer innovation platform of the S-Bahn Central Germany

Customer relationships redefined. From mid-September to the end of October 2016, S-Bahn Mitteldeutschland, Germany’s most modern regional public transport network, has called on its passengers to submit proposals. Already in the first days of the campaign, more than 100 suggestions were received and the platform received a large local media response. Innolytics® supported the DB Regio in all phases: From campaign planning and technical platform to online moderation.

Mainova – Open Innovation for the Energy Industry

Supported by Innolytics®, Mainova conducted a one-week Open Innovation campaign. Schools, daycare centres, sports, carnival and music clubs with a children’s and youth department applied with a nomination on the subject of solar energy. In the Mainova solar competition, 2,350 users registered within one week. The result: Almost 400 comments and more than 2,000 votes. Learn more about the unique Open Innovation project in the energy industry.

Mainova Solarwettbewerb Open Innovation

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